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Barron Charitable Foundation is proud to support numerous compassionate organizations that are focused on helping individuals overcome adversity in their lives.

North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy Mission


Environmental Defense Fund


Defenders of Wildlife

The American Ireland Fund – St. Joseph’s School for the Visually Impaired

The American Ireland Fund – Children University Hospital, Temple Street

Trinity Episcopal Church – Tabasamu

Life Project For Africa – Save Life Give Hope

The Global Giving Foundation – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Caring for China

Points of Light Institute

American Epilepsy Outreach Foundation

Three Jewels Outreach Center Avenue


March of Dimes

Epilepsy Foundation

Architecture for Humanity


The Foundation for Post Conflict 

Trinity Episcopal Church


National Center for Learning Disabilities


St. Francis Mission


Life Project for Africa


Doctors Without Borders


China Charity Federation


Avon Walk For Breast Cancer


Arts Engine


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


Hand Reach


Hand Reach


Gordon Research Conferences


New York Cares


Central Park Medical Unit


New  York Asia Womens Charity


Kids in Distressed Situations


Oxfam America


American Red Cross


C.H. Tuttle Elementary School

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Charity: Water

Grant Requests

The Barron Charitable Foundation is actively looking for organizations to support that are 501(c)(3) certified. If you believe you have a proposal that would be of interest to the Board, please send your proposal along with the following information (please answer each question in 100 words or less):


  • What is your proposal and how much funding are you looking for?

  • How does our mission align with yours?

  • What will your project do to benefit societal needs?

  • What experience do you and your team members have that will contribute to the success of your project?

  • Have you ever received funding from us before?

You can submit your proposal by email to

Chai Lifeline


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